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Below is a list of commercial clients for whom our parent company has had the pleasure to work.

- International Sejong Soloists
- Urban Investment Partners
- The Army Navy Club
- St. John's Community Services
- T-Mobile
- Jamaican Embassy
- Equinox Restaurant
- Chase Properties
- Residence of Danish Embassy
- Tilton Bernstein
- Shirley & Banister Public Affairs
- Thai Embassy
- Select Auto Imports
- Action Facilities Management
- Friendship Terrace
- Alexander Graham Bell Foundation
- Sutton Place Condominiums
- Wachovia Bank
- Power Technology

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep, New York, NYUnited Air Duct Cleaning Inc, is a subsidiary of Dapper Ducts Cleaning, providing chimney cleaning services in New York & New Jersey with focus on Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & Long Island.

In the nation’s capital, our parent company is the premiere chimney sweep. Dapper Duct is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild which advances the chimney and venting industry through public awareness of the trade.

Chimney Cleaning
In colder climates such as Washington Dc, Maryland and Virginia, burning one’s chimney is a favorite winter weekend activity. Unfortunately, many people are poorly informed about the importance of keeping their chimney clean. As a result, improper chimney maintenance causes a substantial of preventable deaths and injuries each year.

Why Chimney fires occur
Creosote (a very flammable by product of combustion) accumulation is the main reason chimney fires occur. If the build-up of creosote on the chimney’s inside surface ignites, a chimney fore ignites. Chimney cleaning helps prevent this build-up and thus reduces the possibility of a chimney fire. In addition, extreme high temperatures produced by a chimney fire can damage the chimney; the heat can warp metal chimneys or crack the tile liner on masonry chimneys. If the warping or cracks are not repaired, the next chimney fire could be even more dangerous. During normal use, the sparks generated by the fire in the stove could go through the cracks or holes into the attic or the framework surrounding the chimney, causing a serious house fire, the loss of property, or even the loss of life.

Why Chimney Cleaning /Chimney Sweep is Important
In addition to removing the creosote buildup and reducing the possibility of a house fire, chimney cleaning can also help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is emitted by chimneys and can be life threatening if ingested in large doses. Carbon monoxide poisoning claims about 4,000 lives a year in the U.S

Chimney Sweep in Manhattan Brooklyn Long Island Queens

In addition, about 10,000 people are made ill by lower levels of exposure to carbon monoxide. Most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are due to inadequate ventilation or poor maintenance of appliances, or blocked or leaky flues and chimneys. Chimneys can become blocked for various reasons including birds nesting on the chimney, or possible degradation of the flue. A blocked flue can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into your home.
For this reason, chimney cleaning is very important. The Chimney Safety Institute recommends that homeowners who light fires in their fireplaces three or more times a week during the heating season should have their chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year.

How we perform your Chimney Cleaning/Chimney sweep
Our company will cover the area around the fireplace with plastic to ensure that any debris does not fall on the surrounding area. We will clean the chimney with rotary brushes and extendable rods, agitating the ash and creosote that has built up in the flue.
The resulting debris will be vacuumed and swept into a trash bag, sealed and removed from the home. With our satisfaction guarantee, we will ensure that the fireplace area remains clean both
during and after the chimney cleaning.
We offer special rates for chimney sweeps. Call today to inquire about our special cleaning package.

For chimney sweep in New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island & Long Island - call United Air Duct Cleaning at 1-888-889-DUCT (3828).

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