Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

Get your kitchen running as efficiently and safely as possible

Whether you own a commercial kitchen such as a fully-equipped restaurant, hotel, bar, cafeteria, or café – or a private kitchen at home –make sure yours is running as productively and smoothly as possible by getting your kitchen exhaust system cleaned regularly.

We’re proud that at United Air Duct Cleaning, our kitchen exhaust technicians are both International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKCEA) and Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) certified, so you know you are getting a professional and deep clean every single time.

As many businesses are open at unusual times we can come to you 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. We will immediately begin cleaning as soon as we arrive so that you can return to full operation in no time at all. No matter where you are located, we are ready and waiting to help you at any time.

Why is it so important to get my kitchen exhaust system cleaned?

Day after day, your residential or commercial kitchen’s exhaust system sucks up incredible amounts of smoke, gas, dirt, and oil. And because many of these particles are sticky and heavy, they easily collect into layers and harden into a thick grease that lines your kitchen exhaust’s vents and ducts.

This thick grease is an operational hazard as it prevents air from being effectively and efficiently circulated throughout your kitchen. What’s more, because this grease is highly flammable, it is also a serious health issue. Should a single spark coming close to, or enter, a grease-filled duct, it could accidentally ignite a devastating fire. This is why all commercial kitchens and eating establishments are required by law to have their systems cleaned regularly.

But you can easily avoid these issues by getting your kitchen exhaust system professionally cleaned, so that no grease, dirt, or debris is left behind and you meet the standards for both state and local inspections.

How will United Air Duct Cleaning clean my kitchen exhaust system?

As part of our kitchen exhaust cleaning services, your technician will –

  1. Survey and inspect all elements of your kitchen exhaust system
  2. Turn off all fans and remove all vents, covers, hoods, and filters
  3. Apply specialized de-greasing chemicals to all surfaces to dislodge and dissolve tough grease
  4. Scrape and scrub all surfaces thoroughly to get rid of all debris
  5. Pressure wash all parts including hoods, filters, and fans on the roof
  6. Clean filters on site or replace them as per your request
  7. Put back together all parts and ensure everything is in working order
  8. Turn the fans back on so you can start using your kitchen exhaust system straight away

As a complimentary part of our service, our technicians will also check your entire kitchen exhaust system for electrical problems and leakages. And on request, she or he can provide you with before and after pictures of your kitchen exhaust cleaning so you can see your amazing results first hand.

At United Air Duct Cleaning, your satisfaction is highly important to us – so our technicians will also make sure that all components are completely clean and functioning. In addition, they will inspect the surrounding area to make sure everything is clean before leaving.

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