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Hood Cleaning Staten Island, New York Grease and debris coming from food are developed in the ventilation hoods that hover above kitchen cooking equipment like deep fryers, ovens and stoves. If these hoods are not cleaned out by hood cleaning Manhattan New York, this will result into inhaling the contaminated air developed by the hoods. A regular check up and clean-up of the kitchen hoods, may it be in the house kitchen or restaurant, is important to guarantee the mitigation of kitchen fires. Thankfully, we can assist you keep your kitchen completely clean and safe with our hood cleaning services.

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Hood Cleaning Services Available in Manhattan New York

If you are looking for expert service provider  near our location in hood cleaning and kitchen ventilation, we’ve got here experts all set to serve you in cleaning your hoods and keeping the kitchens well ventilated to prevent the the possibility of fire.
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The Importance of Kitchen Vent Hoods in NYC

All commercial kitchens in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn must have a kitchen hood ventilation system that is well-maintained, clean and operating appropriately to be able to remain compliant with the policies of New York City. These regulations are intended to keep your kitchen air cleaner and to help prevent kitchen fires and bacterial and mold contamination from taking place in the mechanical ventilation system. Good thing, our experienced cleaners can do all of the essential services to be safe. Simply give us a call at (212) 401-0694 and we’ll definitely be at your service. Have a visit with us based on your convenient time.

We Deliver Services In Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, NJ, New York, NYC, Long Island.

Threats of Improperly Maintained Kitchen Vent Hoods

To be able to say that your kitchen vent hood adheres to the regular protocol of cleaning it, get it cleaned by professional once in a month. One of the main use of kitchen ventilation hoods is it aids exhaust the hot air, moisture and steam to the outside environment. Unfortunately, after a while, kitchen vent hoods often gather grease, oil and animal fat as well as food debris. When an excessive amount of grease and food debris gather in your hood ventilation system, it can result in a kitchen fire, possibly costing you thousands of dollars in restoration bills and closing your business until the repairs can be made and your building is inspected by the Department of Buildings and the Board of Health.

Apart from kitchen fire it might possibly trigger, those dirt in the hoods can also trigger airborne hazard in the form of bacteria and molds. Hot environment when mixed with these dirt of foods and grease can expose people in the area to foodborne conditions and other allergies and medical conditions.

Hood Cleaning Staten Island, New York Just Call Us Now: (212) 401-0694

Hood Cleaning Staten Island, New York

Hood Cleaning Staten Island, New York

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