Hood Installation, Repair, and Fabrication Service

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Certificate By the New York Fire Department (FDNY)

Hood Installation

The kitchen in your restaurant is one of the most important parts of your business. This is where the core of your business is happening on an hour by hour basis. To keep your kitchen running at optimum efficiency, the hood and ventilation systems should perfectly fit the space and particular requirements of your kitchen and be kept meticulously clean.

Hood System Custom Fabrication

United Air Duct Cleaning designs, fabricates and installs advanced Commercial Hood Range Systems that provide restaurant and cafeteria kitchens with options that seamlessly blend into their existing kitchen layouts. With our extensive experience and the latest technology and equipment, we are able to provide completely customized engineering and installation of advanced hood systems.

At the heart of the kitchen exhaust system is the exhaust hood that captures heat, smoke, fumes, and grease-laden vapors, and contains required filters that remove contaminants from the exhaust air.
Whether your kitchen is in a small restaurant, a hotel, a large chain food facility, or any other commercial kitchen facility, our team of professional technicians will review the specifications and recommend the most appropriate hood fabrication for your specific requirements. We can supply any type or size and some of the brands we are proud to work with include ‘Captive Air’ and ‘Accurex’.

Precipitators for Enhanced Air Quality

Our custom installation of your new Hood System includes the installation of precipitators and pollution control units based on your unique needs and requirements. A precipitator helps to remove grease particles from the exhaust stream, radically improving the air quality being exhausted out of the building. Some of the electric and non-electric units we install include brands like Trion, HOG, SMOG, CAPTIVE AIR, and AIR CLEAN.

Access Panel Installations

Access panels reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. It is critical for commercial kitchens to have the right amount of access panels installed in the right places in order to keep your business safe, and for compliance reasons. The NFPA 96 code states that all interior surfaces of an exhaust system should have reasonable access for inspection and cleaning purposes. It also states that openings are required within 18 inches of hoods containing dampers that block the duct openings.

Access panels are essential components for any commercial kitchen exhaust system. Our experts will be able to determine whether your system has the required access panels installed and if not, we offer a complete range of panels for installation.

FDNY Requires All Grease Ducts to be Black Iron Air-Tight Welded

According to the Fire Depart of New York City, of all the possible causes of fires in eating establishments, the leading cause of fires in restaurants are caused by cooking. Grease accumulation in exhaust systems was found to be a contributing factor to the expansion of small fires into larger ones. When kitchen exhaust systems are regularly cleaned, the chances of a duct fire becomes extremely remote.

A welded black iron grease duct is designed to effectively vent grease-laden vapors from commercial cooking equipment out of the building. At United Air Duct Cleaning we pride ourselves on fabricating this required type of ductwork to counter the hazards from these dangerous types of fumes. All the air-tight welded black iron grease duct we fabricate is manufactured from cold rolled metal in compliance with NFPA 96 code and we are able to install it at any height and on any floor.

Kitchen Safety

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a requirement of law for all commercial cooking establishments that have hood and ductwork over cooking equipment to remove smoke, fumes, and grease-laden vapors from the building. These exhaust fumes leave a greasy residue behind on the inside of ductwork. The key to effective grease removal and prevention of fires is a combination of properly designed and installed exhaust systems coupled with scheduled inspections.

Kitchen Hood and Ventilation System Repairs and Service

We are a fully licensed and insured commercial fabrication and installation contractor with professional repair and service technicians fully trained to ensure that your kitchen system operates at its most optimal level. We invite you to experience the unsurpassed level of service, expertise, and professionalism we have to offer. Our hood, duct and fan services include access panel installations, fan belt replacements, grease filter replacements, pollution control maintenance, fan kit installations, hood light and bulb replacements, as well as stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication and repairs.

If your dining establishment is located anywhere in the New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, or Long Island areas, give us a call at (718) 255-6674 for a free estimate and to find out how we can fulfill your kitchen requirements by installing and maintaining quality customized hood and ventilation systems.

Hood Repair

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Hood Repair

Hood Installation, Repair & Fabrication Service

Our company fabricates, installs, and repairs hood range systems in restaurants and kitchens throughout New York. We have expanded our service area so that we can work with clients on Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City. We can guarantee that our range hood systems are the best in the state and we’ll be there to keep them running for as long as you need.

Our experts are trained to maintain and repair all types of hood range systems, not just the ones that we fabricate. If you encounter any problems with your hood, then you should contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Here are some of the common problems that may require repairs.

  1. The Motor Is Too Loud

This is often caused by one of two different problems. The most common problem is a vent hood motor that has suffered damage. These motors work hard around the clock and suffer from excessive wear and tear over time. Even with regular maintenance, the motor will eventually decrease in performance and it can suffer minor damage. This damage often results in a noisy and inefficient motor.

Luckily, replacing your vent hood motor is a simple task. Our experts can inspect the motor and replace it immediately if need be. If you’re lucky, the problem is only worn down bearings on the exhaust fan motor, which can be replaced at a much lower cost.

  1. The Hood Doesn’t Clear Smoke

This is a very common problem with non-ducted hood range systems. Luckily, it also has a very simple solution. The problem is often that the filter needs to be replaced. If you have a non-ducted hood range that isn’t pulling smoke, then checking and replacing the filter should be your first priority. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with our expert repair technicians.

When it’s a ducted system experiencing the problem it can be a sign of a more severe problem. It will be impossible to determine the cause of the problem without giving the hood range a full inspection. You should immediately schedule an appointment with our office if your ducted hood isn’t clearing smoke because it’s not doing its job and it could be putting people at risk.

  1. The Downdraft Vent Won’t Cooperate

The downdraft vent can experience a number of problems over the years. Sometimes they won’t go up, sometimes they go up but won’t stay there, and sometimes they go up and they get stuck there. Our experts can identify the exact cause of any of these problems with a brief troubleshooting session. It may require replacing the vent, electronic panels, or smaller components like switches.

In many cases, the switch controlling the vent becomes defective. This can happen with hood range systems that are poorly designed. For example, the switch may not be durable enough to survive in a tough kitchen environment. Smoke, grease, and excessive heat can wear it down quickly.

This can happen to the entire vent hood keypad if not designed with durability in mind. If certain buttons on the keypad stop working, then it may be time to replace the keypad entirely. But it’s likely you’ll experience the same problem again in the future. You can avoid this by having our professionals design and install a custom hood range system specifically for your kitchen environment.

Repairs For All Hood Range Systems

Our experts can troubleshoot and repair all modern hood range systems. This includes:

  1. Ducted systems that move the exhaust air outside of the building.
  2. Non-ducted systems that filter and circulate the air.
  3. Ceiling-mounted chimney systems that are suspended above islands.
  4. Under cabinet hood range systems.
  5. Wall-mounted hood range systems.

If you want the best possible hood range for your place of business, then it’s best to work with our team from the beginning. We can design a custom built hood range specifically for your building. We then fabricate the hood range ourselves and handle the installation. It’s far less likely to experience any of the common problems described above. Pick up the phone and call our office today at (718) 255-6674 to discuss your range hood needs.

Professional Hood Fabrication Services in New York City
Professional Hood Fabrication Services NYC

Commercial kitchens often get very dirty with all the flames and oil that are emitted from the gas and while cooking. This can easily be avoided if there are customized hood units in the kitchen. Hood fabrication units help to keep the kitchen clean for a long time. This means that the kitchen will be safe and functional and will also maintain the hygiene of the food that is being served.

As the leading hood fabrication service provider in NYC, we offer a range of services that are related to this service such as the installation of new hood systems in the kitchen and repairing and fabricating the existing hood that is installed. We have trained technicians and cleaners who have years of experience to handle hood fabrication units for both big and small kitchens.

Quick service in New York City Metro Area  –
Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut & Upstate New York

At United Air Duct Cleaning, we are very proud of the kitchen cleaning staff. All of them are certified from Department of New York City (FDNY) and International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKCEA). This is something that we focused on because there have been so many fire accidents that have occurred because of the faulty kitchens and we don’t want such a thing to happen to your kitchen too.

Moreover, we have our service areas spread throughout New York City such as Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, The Bronx, Manhattan; you name it! All you have to do is give us a call at (718) 255-6674, and we will send a team to inspect the condition of your kitchen immediately. We will also suggest you the best service that you need to keep your kitchen safe and clean.

Types of hood fabrication services

United Air Duct Cleaning offers a variety of premium hood fabrication service to its customers. We make customized hoods that fit your kitchen perfectly. Our technicians will visit your kitchen and take all the measurements. They will inform you about the approximate cost of the hood fabrication. We will then start making the hood and will also install it when it is done. The best part about our hood fabrication service is that we make hoods of all sizes. No size or type of hood is impossible for us. Most importantly, the quality of the hood that we will provide is the best that you will ever come across.

In addition to installing hoods, we also install precipitators and pollution control units. We have seen many kitchens that have already installed these units, and if you want to serve your customers good quality food, then we suggest that you should get such a unit installed in your kitchen too. We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best in the business such as Accurex, Captive Air, Smog Hog, and so on.

Our main motive is to provide the ultimate safety options to your kitchen so that there is no accident or fire involved. Moreover, once you install one of our hood cleaning units, you will notice that the kitchen does not get dirty too often. When it comes to cleaning the hood by our incredibly talented technicians, we will make sure that the kitchen looks new after they are done. But we are confident that once you opt for our hood fabrication service, you will not have to call us frequently to clean the hood. The filters that we use and the material with which the hood is made are unmatched. That is why we are considered the best company in this field. We take pride in saying that the hoods that are tailor-made for your kitchen will last for decades if you use them properly.

We also provide a complimentary service to all our customers after the hood cleaning is complete. The cleaners will check your kitchen for electrical problems, leakages, and the exhaust system. If they find any issue with the exhaust system, you can opt for our access panel installation service. We will make customized access panels and install them in your kitchen so that there is a massive improvement in the exhaust system in the kitchen.

If you are in need of a hood fabrication service soon, give us a call at (718) 255-6674 and we will discuss everything from there on.

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